How teamfocus can help you

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Tour: Tools for Team Project Management

It’s fully customizable, and is suitable for any workflow – from a simple to-do list, through to your organization’s complete work process. Watch our short Introduction Video to learn what teamfocus is about and how it can help make your life easier.


  • Web based task management
  • As much or as little information as you need
  • As many or as few fields as you want
  • You decide what information you see.

Cross Platform

  • Access teamfocus from any web browser
  • Compatible with all PCs – Windows and Mac
  • Great on tablets, including Apple, Android, and Windows devices.
  • Dedicated App for smartphones available in October 2014.


  • Workflows are at the heart of teamfocus
  • Start with a standard workflow, then customize to match your exact needs
  • Help ensure all tasks follow essential steps (like approval from QA, Marketing, and Accounting).


  • Metrics give a visual snapshot of the status of all your tasks
  • Color coding means you can easily identify and group by the metric range you set
  • Help identify your Workflow’s bottlenecks.


  • teamfocus is fully customizable to the needs of your business
  • Fully flexible setup capabilities for: Workflows, Task fields, Reporting


  • teamfocus is built around collaboration
  • Invite colleagues to view, or interact with your Workflow
  • Sharing your workflows focuses everyone’s energy on a common goal.


  • One of the most powerful features of teamfocus
  • Show just the tasks you need to work on right now
  • Or get details on all tasks using custom search filters.

Secure Text Fields

  • Strong encryption for Secure Fields in your Workflow
  • Ensures Secure Field data is only readable by yourself
  • teamfocus never see the information in your secure fields
  • Quick and permanent deletion of encrypted task data.

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