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Special Offer – Free for 10 users.

Start right away for free on Level 1. Add more users later and only pay for what you actually need. Just insert your e-mail and hit the button to get started.

Level 2
$49per month
  • up to 10 users
Level 3
$149per month
  • up to 20 users
Level 4
$249per month
  • up to 30 users
Level 5
$449per month
  • up to 50 users
Level 6
$949per month
  • up to 100 users

All teamfocus plans include

Unlimited Tasks

Create as many tasks as you want.

Custom Metrics

Define and trigger Metrics.

File attachments

Attach and share files.

Custom Field Editor

Edit fields to fit your needs.

Powerful Searching

Find exactly what you need.

Workflow Editor

Create your own Workflows

Pre-defined Workflows

Get started right away.

Customizable Workflow

Create workflows how you need them.

Billing and Plans

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